Independence Paranormal Society


May 15, 2011

Ok so we have had questions about if we are still around and the answer is yes. We have tried to get our group seen on various outlets among other places. We have increased the amount of tools we have now we are waiting and ready. So again if there is anything that we can do to help you with anything paranormal let us know.


Still hanging around

January 20, 2010
We have come up dry on finding sites to research but we have changed our direction and will be putting together a book details coming soon.
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Working on first research project

October 15, 2009
I have made contact with Gaston museum they are going to contact us back about possible site or sites. We should know aabout mid week next week.
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1st Meeting

July 19, 2009
    We had our first meeting today 7/18/2009 I think things went well. The team has been put together we are getting the tools that we need and hope to get out there very soon.
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New Paranormal Group by: Joy

June 29, 2009
So here's the new group. Ready to do some hunting. Nothing's going on now but waiting to get the equipment and trying to find our first place to investigate. Hope it's creepy and we find something to add for ya'll to see.
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